Monday, June 20, 2011

Classic Release: Where I'm From by 2FK feat Big G, Ish Ya Boi AmK & Lefty Wright

What up homies! Lemme present y'all our entry track for The Pinoy HipHoppaz Compilation Album Volume 2. This track includes 2FK and my fellow FiloKings, Big G and Ish Ya Boi AmK with my homeboy Lefty Wright. We're actually throwin up diff areas in here including Makati, Manila, Baguio, Sydney (Australia) and Kariya (Japan). I believe this is the last song added to the mixtape and we're proud that Jug of BFE let this song speak for the whole album before it even drops. Share this with your friends and tell us what you think. Please support BFE and the Pinoy HipHoppaz organization's latest compilation album that will be droppin in a few days.

As we wait for the latest Pinoy HipHoppaz series, check out and download one of the most powerful tracks off the Pinoy HipHoppaz Volume 2 compilation album. Pinoy HipHoppaz Volume 3 Coming Soon!


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