Sunday, September 26, 2010

Letter To The President by 2FK

The concept of Letter To The President first struck me during the election campaign, I wanted to create a song that will point out the things I want the government to know when the new president comes into office. A song that will voice out my people, a song that will represent my generation.  Today, it is very sad to see that the newly elected President Aquino and his administration is encountering adversities recently. The sad hostage crisis, the demolition of informal settlers, never ending cases of corruption, multiple bank robberies and numerous police brutality reports. I am still very hopeful of this government because for the first time, I felt the change, I felt the dedication and I felt the hope. I know that beyond all this challenges come the real stand of this government, will it stay put or just falter like always?

Andrey "Scarfase" Bonifacio

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Scarfase said...

I'm very hopeful for our current administration. I hope that this will be the government that will lead and serve the people of the Philippines. God Bless P.I.