2FK or the Two Fuckin Krayzie is an Hip-Hop group from Makati City, Philippines and is currently signed under Pikaso's TURF Entertainment. The group consists of Andrey "Scarfase" Bonifacio and Carlo "Shiftee" Tinio with DJ Markie Madness as their official DJ. They have released their first digital EP entitled We Rose From Nothing on September 6, 2010 featuring the Francis M. tribute, Knockin On My Door by Scarfase. They also appeared on the TURF City 2 City compilation album and the Pinoy HipHoppaz mixtape series. They are currently working on their first debut mixtape that is due on the fourth quarter of 2010.

Drawing from a wide range of influences, it's not suprising that the FiloKings' offer a large variety of musical styles for their listeners, their songwriting touch bases on different topics but often referenced to real life struggle, social consciousness and patriotism. 2FK has maintained an experimental approach in their music by infusing sounds from other genres in their production. Both rappers write their own lyrics and most of their songs are conceptualized, mixed, mastered and produced by Scarfase while DJ Markie Madness helps promoting their music and sharing inputs on the rap group's artistic content.

2FK has a few notable gigs under their belt, they have performed with some of the respected Hip-Hop pioneers in the Philippines' like Pikaso, Ill-J, Nathan J, D-Coy, Butta-Flava to name a few. They often perform on various nightclubs where DJ Markie Madness spins and join Pikaso on his shows including Black Eyed Peas' Apl.De.Ap outreach concert for the typhoon Ondoy victims, the TURF Website launching party and some of TURF's sponsored events. Scarfase & Shiftee are also affilliated with BFE's Pinoy HipHoppaz organization and frequently seen and perfom with them on their shows.