Friday, June 24, 2011

Classic Release: Filipino Pride by 2FK feat. Pikaso & Madee

Check out our entry track for Pikaso's TURF City 2 City compilation album volume 1. This was actually a completed track when we first brought it to Pikaso. The original version was produced by Naldo of Simbagsik and we featured 2 versions with Ish Ya Boi AmK and B-Ice of The Realist. We breeze through possible tracks for the compilation and we decided to remake Filipino Pride to fit the concept of the mixtape. Pk played this 10 year old beat that he made way back when he was still in Cali then Shiftee called up her younger sister Madee to sing the hook. It was a magical evening, everything fell into places except my verse so I decided to rewrite a fresh 16 and recorded it a few days after. After I did my verse, Pikaso put in his final touches and history was made.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

World Premiere: Rock That by Ish Ya Boi AmK [NokeeBeats Production]

World Premiere: Hello by SF1

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Remastered Release: Asian Girl by Ish Ya Boi Amk ft. 2FK & Subcue

Monday, June 20, 2011

Classic Release: Knockin On My Door by Scarfase

I never met Sir Kiko and I honestly admit that I don't listen to all of his tracks but I admire and respect what he did for the whole Hip-Hop community. My Moms even shed a tear when the Dabarkads shared the tragic news on Eat Bulaga. I wrote this on the week of his passing but decided not to put it out as a sign of respect to him and to his family. No pun intended. This dedicated to the man who paved the way for me and many great talented rappers/musicians out there.

When I go to sleep that's when I regret
Cuz i only gonna meet you on the time of my death
I can hear your last breath, I can feel your pain
You're the voice of Filipinos tryin to get in the game


Classic Release: Where I'm From by 2FK feat Big G, Ish Ya Boi AmK & Lefty Wright

What up homies! Lemme present y'all our entry track for The Pinoy HipHoppaz Compilation Album Volume 2. This track includes 2FK and my fellow FiloKings, Big G and Ish Ya Boi AmK with my homeboy Lefty Wright. We're actually throwin up diff areas in here including Makati, Manila, Baguio, Sydney (Australia) and Kariya (Japan). I believe this is the last song added to the mixtape and we're proud that Jug of BFE let this song speak for the whole album before it even drops. Share this with your friends and tell us what you think. Please support BFE and the Pinoy HipHoppaz organization's latest compilation album that will be droppin in a few days.

As we wait for the latest Pinoy HipHoppaz series, check out and download one of the most powerful tracks off the Pinoy HipHoppaz Volume 2 compilation album. Pinoy HipHoppaz Volume 3 Coming Soon!


Classic Release: Hustlin by 2FK feat. Madee

Check out one of our first songs "Hustlin", this track features the amazing voice of Madee on the hooks. Lyrical. Underground. Raw. Nuff said.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

World Premiere: Bars After Bars by Hallucinate feat Scarfase