Monday, June 20, 2011

Classic Release: Knockin On My Door by Scarfase

I never met Sir Kiko and I honestly admit that I don't listen to all of his tracks but I admire and respect what he did for the whole Hip-Hop community. My Moms even shed a tear when the Dabarkads shared the tragic news on Eat Bulaga. I wrote this on the week of his passing but decided not to put it out as a sign of respect to him and to his family. No pun intended. This dedicated to the man who paved the way for me and many great talented rappers/musicians out there.

When I go to sleep that's when I regret
Cuz i only gonna meet you on the time of my death
I can hear your last breath, I can feel your pain
You're the voice of Filipinos tryin to get in the game


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

deym! i like ur sound bros.. kip up tha gud work.. hope 2 cU perform live.. Godbless! kapanindig balahibo msg ng "Knock'n on my door".. Great song..

garet a.k.a. lordtariQ of Full Blooded Pinoy - Roxas City