Monday, August 2, 2010

Heaven Sent Freestyle by Scarfase of 2FK

We miss you Tita Cory, you're an icon of democracy
Our nation depended on you on the time of our adversity
But in reality, you said your just a plain housewife
But your presence alone had changed Filipino lives
As Filipinos strive for freedom and peace
We marched through EDSA to show freedom of speech
We was freed from martial law when you sworn in '86
Now NoyNoy exposed corruption and that shit made me sick
I got high hopes for the president, I know you raised him well
I've seen significant changes but only time will really tell
You lead by example when you took the position
You execute your reforms and done it with precision
I know that you're in heaven wearin that yellow sun dress
While I throw the L up witta yellow lace on my chest
So lemme me manifest, you're more than just a president
And more than just leader, you're an angel that heaven sent

Scarfase aka Andrey Bonifacio

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